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Submitted on
March 20, 2011


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:bulletblue:Pray for Japan:bulletgreen:

As you are definitely aware Japan was hit by the worst Earthquake in recorded history and many are making efforts to help their own way. I received a note from a certain artist who's doing commission with the intension of paying the profits to Japan Red Cross.

Here is the journal for details if you are interested:…

:bulletred:Trigger happy artists:bulletred::

I realized that these days some members are apparently thinking this group is just a generally anime fan club. Well allow me to clarify; THAT IS A BIG FAT NO! This group was made to appreciate all the works of the Manga-Ka duo Peach-Pit that means anything that was not made by those two does not belong here. I have been pretty lenient with submissions but seeing this and the fact that said members that I won't mention consistently re-submit their none-Peach Pit deviations to the group gallery has forced my hand especially when some people submit their arts somewhere it doesn't belong and even in the wrong gallery. So I will make it very clear right now: Those who submit none-Peach Pit arts will be banned from the group without warning.

Group Co-Founder: :iconarbaros:

:bulletred: Want to watch the first Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre Episode?
Here Are The Links:
Part One
Part Two

:bulletgreen:Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre OP On Youtube -CLICK HERE NOW!!!/HAGAN CLICK YA!!!-
link provided by :iconyunosa-chan:

:new::bulletblue:Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre ED - Utsusemi no Kage On Youtube -CLICK HERE NOW!!!/HAGAN CLICK YA!!!-

:bulletred:Checkout This Rozen Maiden Dolls, FOR REAL/Chequense a las muñecas de Rozen Maiden, En Carne Y Plastico!
link provided by :iconskyekimiko:

:bulletgreen:Rozen Maiden Oubertüre OVA
-*The new Rozen Maiden OVA is set to premiere this winter titled, “Rozen Maiden Oubertüre” .
Also, there's rumors that this special will focus on the character Suigintou. ALI PROJECT will once again do the opening.
-*La nueva OVA de Rozen Maiden esta puesta para tener su debut en invierno, se llamara “Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre” .
Tambien se dice que se enfocara en el personaje Suigintou.
ALI PROJECT tambien contribuira con su musica en este proyecto

If anyone has links to the other Peach-Pit titles please feel free to provide us with them!

-*For those who don't know OVA means Original Video Animation or sometimes they put instead OAV (Original Animated Video).
-*Para aquellos que no sepan OVA significa Animacion Original En Video pero a veces se escribe OAV  (Video Originalmente Animado).
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whats an overture?
XMagical-LolitaX Dec 9, 2010
I'm still alive :u
ravenlael Dec 8, 2010  Student General Artist
i'm here and alive :)
kuramika-chan Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
animerocks4 Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...present :D
I could be an additional administrator as well if you need it. Wouldn't be hard to accept some submissions for you guys, and other little odd jobs around the group :meow:
so what ur saying is that they remade rozen maiden traumend?
no they simply finished the unfinished dubbing.
aaahhh i see :D
thanks for d info ;p
Ouverture being released is news?
bdwfh Jan 11, 2009
no, news is the hospitalization of half of peach-pit! :P
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