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I am sooooooooooooo sorry this took so long, to be honest I will never run a single winner contest every again, Choosing a single winner out of so many wonderful entries is next to impossible especially when there are only 2 judges in the panel.

To make up for the delay we are going to have second and third places as well.

So to finally end our REVIVAL contest, I shall announce our winners:





And to all those who participated in this contest, I sincerely give you my thanks and my apologize at the same time for taking THIS long. I give you my word this won't happen again.

Contest theme: REVIVAL

Now how does this work? It's quite simple really, what does revival mean to you? Whatever ideas you can come up with you must draw it using any number of PEACH-PIT characters. We are a peach pit fan club after all, so they must be included.

1. Any of PEACH PIT titles will do, you can even do crossovers if you want. That means Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara, Zombie Loan, etc.

2. REVIVAL can pertain to anything as long as you can make the connection easy to see in your drawing. It can be a battle scene, a heartfelt lovely drawing, and so forth, it MUST have something to do with Revival. Of course you're welcome to go for synonyms of the word as well like Resurrection.

3. Coloring is a mandatory. Medium can be either traditional or digital.

4. The more detailed your drawing the better.

5.Multiple entries not allowed but you may replace your entry once.


REVIVAL synonyms accepted: Resurrection, Consolation, Renaissance, Restoration, Awakening, Recovery, Renewal, Rebirth, Reincarnation

Details, Coloring, Connection with the theme, title.

The contest ends by the end of March. Questions are welcome. - extension will only be granted if requested a number of participants.


1.… by :iconkiyoko1997:
2.… by :iconsamiyumii18:
3.… by :iconlalabows:
4.… by :iconmangafreak150:
5. angelfacedevilsmile.deviantart… by :iconangelfacedevilsmile:
6.… by :iconsaphiremist:
7.… by :iconkoh-ey:
8.… by :iconshiroi-neko-da:
9.… by :iconevilkateh:
10.… by :iconepicheather:
11.… by :iconnataeliza:
12.… by :icona-yuhieiri:
13.… by :icondeangelus:
14.… by :iconemi2yam2:
15.… by :iconizaeon:
16.… by :iconamuto-4eva:

:bulletblue:About Participating

How to submit your entry: Note them all to me :iconarbaros:
Those who want to be club artists need to be at a certain quality level, note your application to :iconarbaros: and ask, I will see your gallery and tell you if you can be a club artist.

Hello there, #Anime-Lovers-United is having an One-Year Event and we have decided to hold a contest

Here's the contest details:

Theme: One-Year Event: Create Your Own Spirit Guardian
Starting date: August 1st 2011
Ending Date: September 4th 2011
Media: All medias are accepted as long as they don't break our gallery rules!
Journal: [link]
Group's Home Page: #Anime-Lovers-United

~ Since this is an event held once in a year, we need more attractive prizes so if you would like to offer things such as group journal feature, commission, subscriptions, etc..), please leave a comment stating what you are offering, and to which place winner you are offering it to and we will add you to our "Thank You" list!

~ If you decide to advertise our contest, you will be added to our "Thank You" list too!

~ Tell us if you don't want to receive these notes in the future..:3

Thank you and we hope to receive your reply ASAP! ^^

~Celine aka ~HikariYugiYamiAtemu

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